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Update on the NFSS

A couple weeks ago I made this post about the recently published NFSS in which I outlined some of my concerns and anger about how the study was designed and how the results are being (and will be) misused.

I’m far from alone in my criticisms, and now experts in the field of social science research are taking action. A letter signed by more than 200 researchers and scholars was sent to the editors of Social Science Research, the peer-review journal which published the paper.

The letter questions not only methodology (raising points that I did in my previous post), but the actual peer review process conducted on the published paper. The letter questions the extremely fast review (by several months when compared to the average), the extent of the review, and the suitability of the peer commentators chosen to critique the paper in that journal edition. A copy of the letter can be read here.

Additionally, Scott Rose has posted an open letter to the University of Texas making allegations of ethics violations. He filed an official complaint through the school’s online system and the university will be conducting an inquiry as a result, per their policy upon receiving such a complaint. Rose is a bit strident and a little over the top with some of his language and supporting statements, but hopefully that won’t detract from the underlying accusations which are worthy of investigation.


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