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New Page Added

At the top of the site you’ll see a new tab with the “Lezzie Books” label. I’ve started a project to list books with lesbian/bi characters or content. Currently it’s only a list, using a basic, three-category rating system. Eventually it will have active links to the Amazon book pages to get descriptions and reader reviews, and links to my own reviews or brief comments on this blog. The intention is to provide a place to help those looking for some good, or at least interesting, reading material.

All the linking, and copying of my Amazon reviews to blog pages, is time-consuming, so it will be an ongoing project for quite some time. I hope it will be of at least some use to readers!


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This is an unfocused blog where I randomly ramble about whatever strikes my fancy, though there’s a lean towards queer stuff and books.

If you’re interested in my lesbian and bi book reviews click on the Lezzie Books tab at the top of the page.

Comments from visitors and passersby are welcome, even on old posts. But please note that comments with no substance posted with the intent to advertise/promote will be deleted.

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